Learning, development and
collaboration made easier

Learning, development and collaboration made easier

Empowering healthcare practitioners and teams to deliver high quality care

Our purpose is to continuously empower healthcare practitioners, transforming them to be thought leaders, and help them make better decisions to solve some of the critical problems that we face in healthcare today.

Our Story

The idea for EnrichApp was born out of the personal experiences of a number of healthcare practitioners.

Some of the key challenges faced by today’s healthcare practitioners include increased demands to offer high quality treatment with limited time and resources, making it harder to even keep up-to-date with the latest knowledge and advancements in clinical practice.

Communication amongst healthcare professionals and organisations is another major challenge that causes inefficiencies in healthcare delivery, particularly when healthcare is delivered across various settings.

It was this challenging situation and the repeated frustrating experiences of the founder and other healthcare practitioners that led to the birth of EnrichApp.


Our Team

We are an agile and cross-functional team of healthcare practitioners and software developers working together to solve some of the critical problems with collaboration and knowledge management in healthcare.

We aspire to make a positive difference to healthcare delivery with the use of some of the latest and emerging digital technologies.